• Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ following is a sermon that I would like to share with you on the Fifth Sunday of Matthew that was written by Rev. Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick on July 5, 2015. In Christ Service Fr. John In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, one God. Am... [read more]
  • Service Schedule This Week & We have Received the Holy Fire Christ is Risen! Truly His Risen! Happy Mother’s Day Sunday May 14, 2017 Orthros 9:00 am. And Divine Liturgy for Sunday of the Samaritan Woman at 10:00 am. We have Received the Miracle of the Holy Fire The Holy Fire ... [read more]
  • Preparation for Lent What is the purpose of a Lenten journey? Among more serious Christians that I have asked they answer “It is a time of fasting from certain foods, to keep Christ as constant reminder in our daily lives during this spirituals season. The rewards being Christ’s resurrection in ... [read more]
  • SACRAMENTAL AND SPIRITUAL PRIESTHOOD “With fear of God, with faith and with love draw near.” This is how God calls you forward to receive His Blood and Body through Holy Communion. Let us take a minute to examine this calling, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. We are first called to approa... [read more]
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