• Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

    • was established in 1925 and incorporated in Wyoming.

    • Traditional Orthodox Divine Liturgy

    • Join Us For Services This Sunday

  • Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Rock Springs, Wyoming
    Reverend Father John Cusulos, Protopresbyter


  • Sunday Divine Liturgy is held at 10.00am. Orthros at 9:00am
    Bible Study is held every Wednesday @ 7 pm.

The Bake Sale

We cannot begin to express our gratitude to all those who participated in making the Bake Sale such a huge success. A special thanks goes out to Tina Faigl, Tessie Varras, Theresa Murphy, and Vetta Kallas. While we had several participants this year, these ladies were at the church almost daily putting in full days of baking right up to the very last item being sold on the day of the bake sale.

This year’s profits have far surpassed any of our previous Bake Sales! Our on-line presales were $8,335.46, in-house sales were $18,568.61, and trackable cash donations were $12,000.00. Our total gross profit was $38,904.07. Just amazing!

Annual Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas Party was held on December 10, 2017. It was a wonderful afternoon of fellowship and great food. We would like to extend a thank you to Tina and Dave Faigl for donating all the gifts for the children. Your generosity put lots of smiles in their hearts.

Future Fundraisers

We are going to try out a new fundraiser this year. We are putting together an assortment box of our most popular pastries (three or four pastries) and sell them for Valentine’s Day. This fundraiser is in the planning stages. We will be keeping everyone informed as soon as it shapes up.


The annual cutting of the Vasilopita will be on January 28. We need someone to volunteer to make the Vasilopita, please.

Earn Money for Our Church

We have an opportunity to earn money for our church with very little effort on our part. For computer users, please go to www.goodsearch.com and download the search engine. When asked to choose your charity, type in Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church-Rock Springs. There is a mobile application available also for the smartphone users. Every time you search with the Goodsearch engine, our church gets a penny. If you choose to purchase off of the internet via the Goodsearch website (literally thousands of common retailers) we get a percentage of the purchase price from participating retailers. Last year we received a check for $16.00. However, if every single computer user from the church downloads and uses this search engine, that amount could be significantly higher. Remember to utilize our connection to the Smith's Rewards card. You can now donate to the church through Smith's Community Awards program. The only effort on your part will be connecting your Smith's rewards card to the church. Directions went out with the September/October newsletter. However, if you have misplaced the directions, drop Jen an e-mail (georgeggeorgeg@msn.com) and she will forward them to you! Again, this is a very easy way to earn money for our church.

Stewardship Packet

Enclosed is the stewardship packet as well as the steward card to be filled out and returned to the church. This card is very important as it enables your secretary to keep accurate records of the members of our church.
As you fill out your stewardship pledge, here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Stewardship is recommended to be ten percent (10%) of one’s annual income as stated in Holy Scripture to help meet the financial obligations of the Parish, the Metropolis and the Archdiocese.

  • Stewardship is designed to be the income that covers all of the general operating expenses of the church. Our church has not been meeting this goal for quite some time. We have been depending on fundraising to keep our church going. This can no longer be allowed to continue. Our core group of “fundraising workers” is diminishing with only a handful of individuals constantly shouldering the workload. We cannot continue to depend on fundraising that may one day, in the near future, be gone. We have to support our church through stewardship!.

  • In 2016 we had 37 families/individual stewards contributing stewardships. We had 44 in 2015. Of those 37 families this is how the stewardships broke down for the year:
    • 2 family contributed $2,000.00 or more per year

    • 6 families contributed $1,000-$1,999 per year

    • 12 families contributed $800-$999 per year

    • 8 families contributed $500-$799 per year

    • 0 families contributed $300-$499 per year

    • 9 families contributed under $300 per year

Bake Sale Pre-Ordering Closed
December 17, 2017
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
December 23, 2017
The Forefeast of Nativity
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

December 24, 2017
Sunday before Nativity
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

December 24, 2017
Great Vespers for Nativity

December 25, 2017
Holy Nativity
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

December 31, 2017
Sunday before Theophany
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

January 1, 2018
New Year’s Day/St. Basil and
Circumcision of Our Lord
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

January 5, 2018
Forefeast of the Theophany of Christ
Orthros 9:00 am and Royal Hours
Divine Liturgy and
Lesser Blessing of Waters.

January 6, 2018
Theophany of Christ
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 and
Service of Greater Blessing of Waters.

January 7, 2018
Feast of Saint John the Baptist
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

January 14, 2018
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

January 21, 2018
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
Parish Council Meeting

January 28, 2018
Orthros 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

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